Rugby World Cup 2019: England's Owen Farrell dismisses concussion concerns after dangerous tackle

England captain Owen Farrell says he "feels fine" after being on the receiving end of a high tackle during his side's 39-10 win over Argentina.

Argentina lock Tomas Lavanini became the fifth player to be sent off at the 2019 Rugby World Cup when his shoulder made contact with Farrell's jaw in the first half of their encounter. 

Despite the nasty hit, Farrell went on to play the remaining 63 minutes of the match. 

It wasn't the first time Farrell has been on the receiving end of a nasty tackle at the World Cup. During England's second pool match against the USA, John Quill was sent off for a no arms tackle on the English playmaker.

"I feel fine. It's obviously concussion that's the worry, but I didn't get hit anywhere near the top of the head," Farrell told reporters after England's win over Argentina. 

"Maybe your jaw gets a bit sore, but I was fine, and there was no need for an HIA [Head Injury Assessment]."

The win was England's third at the World Cup and secures them a spot in the quarter-finals. 

Jones is pleased with how his team is tracking towards the knockout stages of the tournament. 

 "We're exactly where we wanted to be - we're 15 points after three games," he said. "We've played in front of a fantastic crowd at Tokyo Stadium, and it's another great day for the World Cup.

"We just need to simplify our game a little bit. With them having one-off we were probably just trying to push the game a little bit too much and were a bit rusty after two easy games, and a long break and that came out a bit. Second half we got a bit of a better rhythm."

Despite being upbeat about his team's performance, Jones was quickly reminded that their wins have come against Tonga, the USA, and a 14-man Argentina side. 

"We can only play who they put in front of us. Obviously, it's going to get tougher but that's what the competition's about," he said.

England has six days to prepare for their final encounter against France and Jones isn't looking any further ahead at this stage. 

"We're just worried about France next week. It's qualification for the quarter-finals, but our emphasis is just on getting better each game. 

"The French were impressive in the first game against Argentina. They played some good rugby, a couple of great unstructured tries at the start of the game.

"We're going to have to work hard defensively next week against them.

We want to get better next week. We'll have a look at selection, pick the best 23 to get better next week."

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