Rugby World Cup 2019: Fans lash out at Spark over quarter-final coverage

Rugby fans have lashed out at Spark Sport over its Rugby World Cup coverage, but the streaming service says only a few customers had issues.

The All Blacks gave Ireland a thorough walloping on Saturday night, winning by 32 points, but some fans said they couldn't see much of the action.

"Once again absolutely useless coverage and continual issues with your terrible 'service'. If you think there aren't any issues, you're kidding yourself," one person wrote on Spark Sport's Facebook page.

"Just had to leave the house to watch at a premises which gets its feeds via satellite. The fact this is an option shows you are not ready," another said.

Spark Sport said in a statement after the games there were no technical or capacity groups from its end.

"The night's matches attracted the two highest audiences on the Spark Sport platform to date," it said.

"There was a very small percentage of customers with individual issues relating to their broadband connection, in-home set up or devices. 

"The volume of individual customers contacting our care channels was much lower than for major matches earlier in the tournament, despite the audience being higher."

Some customers did share they were satisfied with the service on social media.

"I'm on rural wireless broadband, so the potentially worst sort of connection, but we have been able to watch every game perfectly. That tells me that most problems people are having is with their own setup," one person said.

"Perfect coverage for both games," another wrote.