Rugby World Cup 2019: Keith Quinn calls for female commentators to be sacked after broadcast blunder

Former rugby broadcaster Keith Quinn has called for two women commentators to be dismissed following a terminology blunder during Sunday's All Blacks v Namibia match.

The commentators referred to TJ Perenara's acclaimed try as "rugby league-esque" during the All Blacks' 71-9 victory over Namibia. 

"How sensational - that was almost rugby league-esque, wasn't it?" Spark Sport sideline reporter Kimberlee Downs commented after the try. It's understood Sky Sport broadcaster Kate King also compared Perenara's try to those commonly seen in rugby league.

Quinn, a former TVNZ rugby commentator, took to Twitter to share his opinion on the observations.

TJ Perenara's 'unbelievable' try
TJ Perenara's 'unbelievable' try. Photo credit: Getty

"Great try and superb pic but two reporters on TVNZ and Sky NZ later [compared it to]... 'great rugby league tries!' Whaaat? Sack those two women (I have their names!)," Quinn tweeted in response to a social media post on Perenara's try.

Although the tweet has since been deleted, Quinn later referred to the comment again.

"Now I'm gonna switch channels and see if I can see any 'rugby union tries' in the NRL final. Lol," he tweeted.

The "rugby league" reference was based on Perenara putting the ball down while being tackled in mid-air, hitting the corner flag. As Stuff reports, the method is commonly seen in the NRL but less so in rugby union due to a decade-old rule change. 

Quinn apologised on Monday after his reaction sparked controversy on Twitter, claiming it was "meant to be a joke".

"TJ's try was a great rugby union try at a Rugby World Cup," he wrote.

"I should have put 'lol' on the tweet."