Rugby World Cup 2019: Live updates - Georgia v Fiji

Fiji 45 (Radradra 2, Nayacalevu, Lomani, Tuisova, Kunatani, Ratunyarawa tries; Volavola five conversions) Georgia 3 (M Gorgodze try; Matiashvili conversion & penalty)

That result effectively ends Georgia's hopes of progressing to the quarter-finals and Fiji now have an edge, as the two teams scramble for a spot at the next World Cup tournament.

Fiji must still face Wales, Georgia have Australia and victory could see them finish ahead of the Pacific side.


Georgia 10 Fiji 45

Second half

80th minute - Georgian scrum is again mauled, but they earn a penalty and kick for touch, as the final gong sounds.

Beka Gorgadze bursts around the front of the lineout, but Fiji tied up the ball at the breakdown and earn a penalty.

Volavola taps and kicks to touch to end the game. What a performance from Fiji.

78th minute - Tuisova tries a backhanded flick to Botia, he spills the ball.

76th minute - TRY to Radradra!

They're checking the touchline, but he is rolling with his feet in the air, so no worries there.

Kveseladze tries to break out of defence, but the ball slips from his grasp and it's quickly flicked to Radradra, who has been magnificent tonight. Volavola converts from out wide.

75th minute - Georgia have a feed to the scrum, but they're pushed back and are eventually penalised for handling the ball back.

74th minute - Fijians are playing loose now, but they knock on under their own posts to give Georgia a chance to reclaim some pride.

70th minute - TRY to Ratuniyarawa!

From the kick-off, Radradra makes ground, before offloading to Lomani, who puts Ratuniyarawa clear with an inside pass. Volavola converts.

Where, oh where was this against Uruguay a week ago?

69th minute - TRY to Kunatani!

Botia shurgs off a couple of tacklers and offloads to his flanker, who bobbles the ball, but gathers to touch down. Volavola slots this conversion.

68th minute - Better scrum from Georgia, but Fiji control the ball and earn another penalty. That's their third in quick succession.

Another scrum for Fiji - they're loving it!

66th minute - Fijians call for the scrum and muscle their rivals again. They earn another penalty.

65th minute - Volavola kicks long into space near the Georgia line and Sharikadze is isolated at the breakdown. Fiji earn a penalty just a few metres from the goal-line.

63rd minute - Fiji try to clear the ball from a breakdown, but prop Saulo isn't expecting the ball and is falconed. His team recover and clear. 

61st minute - TRY to Radradra!

That's another try that's come from the Fijian forwards over their more fancied counterparts. Their scrum buckles a little, but they clear the ball left, where Tuisova puts Radradra in the clear - and no-one stops him with that much space.

Volavola converts and Fiji have a bonus point.

60th minute - Georgia win the lineout, but the Fijian forwards come through the middle of the maul and tie up the ball, earning a turnover.

58th minute - Georgia have a defensive feed to the scrum, Fiji shunt them off, but are penalised. Khmaladze finds a massive touch.

57th minute - Fiji look menacing and Nayacalevu tries to flick a backhanded pass to Tuisova, who drops the ball (again) with the line in sight.

56th minute - Volavola kicks long and Georgia try to break out of their half, but lose possession.

55th minute - More good news for Georgia, as their skipper returns from his head examination.

53th minute - TRY to Mamuika Gorgodze!

From the kick-off, Georgia immediately have possession and their forwards swarm onto the goal-line, with Gorgodze focring under a pile of bodies. Matiashvili converts and the game is back on.

50th minute - TRY to Tuisova!

From the lineout, the Fijians run a slick backline move that brings Radradra in from the weakside wing, creating an overlap for Tuisova to beat his defender to score.

Volavola narrowly avoids the Georgians' attempts to charge down his conversion, but slices it again.

49th minute - Volavola clears and Matiashvili dodges a couple of tacklers down the left touch, before he's finally forced over the line.

That last try will hurt Georgia, with Fiji taking them on at their strength and scoring.

Georgia have possession, but they fail to release at the tackle and Fiji will kick to clear.

45th minute - TRY to Lomani!

Volavola throws a long pass to Murimurivalu, who offloads to Radradra. The speedster stands up the defence, before looking side to Lomani, who eventually forces the ball for the try.

Volavola slices the conversion.

43rd minute - Fiji win the scrum and fling the ball right, making good ground and earning a penalty, when Georgia fail to release their tackle.

Fiji choose a scrum, so they fancy themselves against Georgia's forward strength.

42nd minute - Georgia are building phases on the Fijian 22, but captain Sharikadze spills the ball. He cops a knee to the head in a tackle and officials want him off the field, although he's reluctant to leave.

He's eventually replaced by Malaguradze.

41st minute - Teams are back out on the field, with Georgia kicking off the second half.


First half

Fiji 7 (Nayacalevu try; Volavola conversion) Georgia 3 (Matiashvili penalty)

40th minute - Volavola takes a high ball, but his cut in two by a tackle that dislodges the ball back. He gets back jup and clears for touch, just before the halftime gong.

Georgia have one last chance to score, but they knock on and the half ends.

39th minute - A long throw to the lineout finds Volavola running off the back, but they drop the ball and Georgia clear.

38th minute - Fiji tie up the ball at the breakdown and Georgia are penalised inside their own half. Volavola looks to touch again.

37th minute - Radradra throws long pass to Tuisova, but he loses the ball into touch.

34th minute - The ball bobbles free and Nemsadze grabs it, lunging for the line, but losing possession before he can force it. Williams goes back for an offside penalty in midfield.

Tuisova was lucky not draw something more sinister for his high hit. Matiashvili slots the goal to narrow the margin, but Fiji got off lightly there.

33rd minute - Georgia playing under advantage for a high tackle, but they surely won't need it. Their forwards hammer the line.

32nd minute - Good drive by Fiji, Georgia break out of their own territory. They have men left, but go right.

31st minute - Fiji earn a scrum penalty inside the Georgia 22 and Volavola looks to the sideline again.

They win the lineout, but Georgia snaffle the ball from a knock-on, then pass forward, so they get a defensive feed to the scrum.

29th minute - Some deft handling down the left by Fiji, with Botia and Nayacalevu interpassing, but Nayacalevu eventually spilling the final pass.

28th minute - Fiji make a mess of that attacking lineout and Georgia kick long.

27th minute - Georgia will lose someone soon, because their tackling is straying high. They're penalised for not releasing at the breakdown. Volavola kicks to the corner.

26th minute - Khmaladze kicks high and Radradra is taken out in the air. Fiji kick back into Georgia half.

25th minute - Fiji work a nice move off the lineout and surge towards the line, but they're penalised and Georgia can clear.

23rd minute - Fijians playing under advantage in their own territory and they take a quick tap. They're called back and kick for touch instead.

22nd minute - Georgia are now playing catch-up. Is their style suited to that?

19th minute - TRY to Nayacalevu!

Volavola puts a delicate little kick through the defensive line and Radradra head it off before it finds touch, flicking it infield, where Nayacalevu dashes away to open the scoring.

Volavola converts.

18th minute - Georgia just kicking to the corners, trying to pin Fiji inside their own 22 and then put their forwards under pressure.

17th minute - Volavola kicks across field and Radradra leaps high, but can't gather it in.

13th minute - Mikautadze wins the lineout and Kunatani tackles high - he's penalised. Matiashvili lines up a kick at goal and hooks it wide.

The flags are raised, but it's no goal - that's just confusing. Apparently, the TMO was called to rule on that.

12th minute - Great scrum, but then Georgia's power bends the Fijian front row. Williams calls a penalty for the Euros.

11th minute - Conditions are not going to help continuity in this game. Fiji strips possession, but the ball goes forward, so Georgia scrum.

10th minute - Volavola kicks deep from his 22, but straight down the middle.

Ninth minute - Georgian forwards try to maul from the lineout, but Fiji stop their momentum. When they move the ball left, it spills clear and the Fijians will get a chance to clear from a penalty.

Eighth minute - First penalty goes to Georgia, with Waqaniburotu tackling without arms. Khmaladze kicks to the corner.

Sixth minute - Solid scrum from Fiji and Georgia clear, with Murimurivalu taken into touch.

Fifth minute - First scrum of the match and it buckles, without moving. Rain is falling, so that won't play into Fiji's hands.

Fourth minute - After 11 phases, Botia drops the ball and Georgia have withstood that attack.

Third minute - Long through off the back of the Fijian lineout and they look to build phases.

First minute - Georgia have already return with a kick to touch on halfway and Fiji drive it through the forwards, before Volavola kicks and Matiashvili claims a mark.

Both anthems have been played and now the Fijians are issuing their traditional challenge.

Of course, both these sides coached by Kiwis - Milton Haig with Georgia and John McKee with Fiji.

This promises to be a contrast of styles - Georgia's forward power against Fiji's fantastic running game.

New Zealand's Paul Williams refereeing this encounter, as Fiji kick off.


Rest assured there will much cutting and pasting of names in tonight's live updates. It's times like these you're glad not to be a commentator, trying to wrap your tonsils around some of these names.

With that in mind, here are tonight's line-ups...

Georgia: 1-Mikheil Nariashvili, 2-Shalva Mamukashvili, 3-Beka Gigashvili, 4-Giorgi Nemsadze, 5-Konstantine Mikautadze, 6-Giorgi Tkhilaishvili, 7-Mamuika Gorgodze, 8-Beka Gorgadze, 9-Vasil Lobzhanidze, 10-Lasha Khmaladze, 11-Alexander Todua, 12-Merab Sharikadze, 13-Davit Kacharava, 14-Giorgi Kveseladze, 15-Soso Matiashvili

Replacement: 16-Jaba Bregvadze, 17-Guram Gogichashvili, 18-Levan Chilachava, 19-Otari Giorgadze, 20-Beka Saginadze, 21-Gela Aprasidze, 22-Lasha Malaguradze, 23-Miriani Modebadze

Fiji: 1-Campese Ma'afu, 2-Samuel Matavesi, 3-Manasa Saulo, 4-Tevita Cavubati, 5-Leone Nakarawa, 6-Dominiko Waqaniburotu, 7-Semi Kunatani, 8-Peceli Yato, 9-Frank Lomani, 10-Ben Volavola, 11-Semi Radradra, 12-Levani Botia, 13-Waisea Nayacalevu, 14-Josua Tuisova, 15-Kini Murimurivalu

Replacement: 16-Tuvere Vugakoto, 17-Peni Ravai, 18-Lee-Roy Atalifo, 19-Api Ratuniyarawa, 20-Viliame Mata, 21-Nikola Matawalu, 22-Jale Vatubua, 23-Josh Matavesi


Kia ora, konichiwa and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Rugby World Cup Pool D clash between Georgia and Fiji at Osaka.

With Wales and Australia looking fairly set as the top teams from this group, Georgia still loom as potential darkhorses, with a match against the Wallabies looming.

Fiji looked likely to challenge for a quarter-final spot, when they led Australia through three-quarters of their tournament opener, but not only let that victory slip, they also suffered a surprise setback to Uruguay... who then fell to Georgia.

A Pacific win here would see a three-way battle for the valuable third spot in the pool, which guarantees qualification for the next World Cup in France.

Both these sides operate on the fringes of world rugby's top tier, looking for a way in. At the start of this tournament, Fiji sat ninth on global rankings - ahead of tier-one nations Argentina and Italy - with Georgia 12th.  

But the past two weeks have seen the Fijians slide one spot behind their European rivals, so this encounter carries some extra spice.

Pre-match: Five Rugby World Cup games you must watch in Week Three

With 10 games until our next rest day at the Rugby World Cup, we're into the real crunch time in pool play.

Many teams are now in must-win mode to advance to the quarter-finals, while others are now manoeuvring for the best draw in knockout play.

Two All Blacks games over those five days, but neither should provide too much drama. They're against the two lowest-ranked teams in the competition - Canada and Namibia - so strictly optional viewing.

The most contentious aspect of those encounters will be around those players (like Rieko Ioane) trying to break (back) into the top line-up… and whether beating up on the playground weaklings should count towards that end.

Those games aside, here's the pick of the others…

Ireland v Russia

6:15pm, Thursday, October 3

TAB: Ireland $1.001, Russia $151

Normally, this would be a yawner, with the Russians extremely unlikely to provide any real resistance to the recent world No.1 performers.

But after that shock defeat to Japan, all eyes are on the Irish to see how they will respond to this poke in the eye.

Ireland have already played the two next best teams in this pool, so if they can grab the bonus point wins from Russia and their last outing against Manu Samoa, they should ease into the next phase.

South Africa v Italy

10:45pm, Friday, October 4

TAB: South Africa $1.02, Italy $13

The Springboks showed enough in their opener against New Zealand that they shouldn't find the Italians too much of an obstacle - but after bonus-point wins over the tournament easybeats, the Azzurri currently top Pool B.

They're clearly the third best team in this pool and the most likely to pull off an upset, if South Africa come with their 'C' game.

Italy have only beaten the 'Boks once in 14 previous meetings.

Italy celebrate their only win over South Africa in Florence
Italy celebrate their only win over South Africa in Florence. Photo credit: Photosport

England v Argentina

9pm, Friday, October 4

TAB: England $1.17, Argentina $4.65

In their opener against France, the Pumas seemed to have victory in the palms of their hands, only to let it slip away to a late drop goal.

They're capable of troubling England, who haven't really changed out of second gear yet, but this will be their last throw of the dice. Lose here and they're playing for a spot at the next tournament.

If the English lose, they face a must-win against the world's most unpredictable team. They should do themselves a favour and end their anxiety now.

Argentina haven't won this match-up in more than a decade.

Japan v Samoa

11:30pm, Saturday, October 5

TAB: Japan $1.13, Samoa $5.40

OK, so they beat Ireland and threw their pool into disarray - a group where finishing second is only marginally better than finishing third.

The 'Brave Blossoms' have been here before, after toppling South Africa in 2015, and still couldn't reach the quarter-finals, so this is just the kind of game that could derail their aspirations again.

Samoa's 34-0 drubbing from Scotland showed they are not the same team that pulled off some the greatest upsets in the history of this tournament - but they do have an 11-4 head-to-head record against the Japanese.

France v Tonga

8:45pm, Sunday, October 6

TAB: France $1.01, Tonga $12

Realistically, this shouldn't be a thing for the French, even if they have a bad day.

But they had just such a bad day eight years ago, when they lost 19-14 to the Pacific Islanders in Wellington.

We don't know too much about this version of the French - they will face the United States four days before this fixture - but they went close to winning that 2011 final despite the Tongan defeat, so absolutely anything is possible. 

We do know that this Tongan team isn't too flash, but France are also the only tier-one side they've ever beaten twice.  

More to come