Rugby World Cup 2019: Live updates - Japan v Scotland

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Japan 28 - 21 Scotland

The quarter-finals are confirmed.

England v Australia 

New Zealand v Ireland 

Wales v France 

Japan v South Africa

Full time. 

80min - Japan kick the ball out, that's it, it's over! They win and are through to the quarter-finals!!!

79min - Massive conter ruck from Japan they get the ball.

78min - Carried back against Japan, Scotland have a big chance here, a scrum 5m out. 

76min - Big penalty from Scotland, they win a penalty at the scrum. 

75min - Mistake from Scotland, a knock on! That could've just ended their RWC for 2019. 

72min - Scotland win penalty, need to go quickly.

70min - Turnover won by Japan and they are back on the front foot. 

68min - Bit of argy bargy after the tackle there, Scotland get a warning, penalty called for Japan, they will kick for touch. 

66min - Knock on, so for Scotland to go through, they need to score another try and win by more than 7.

64min - Japan put together another good attack but Scotland earn the turnover again. 

62min - Really nice work from Scotland, they make a massive break but it's a forward pass. Unlucky.

61min - Japan put together 21 phases before Scotland do really well to get the turnover at the breakdown! great work.

60min - Japan are 15m out now. 

55min - TRY - Scotland, we have a game on our hands here!! lots of big runs there from Scotland, and it's Zander Fagerson who scores. Kick is good. Japan 28 - 21 Scotland. 

54min - Scotland try a cross field kick but it's taken by Japan and they clear. 

53min - Penalty won from Scotland now, they kick for touch. 

52min - Maul is the call and Scotland win the scrum, Japan carry the ball too high there, is there a momentum shift coming here. 

50min - TRY - Scotland, they finally start to throw the ball around and make some breaks, Willem Nel is the man who scores. Kick is good. Japan 28 - 14 Scotland. 

49min - Scotland got the ball under advantage now. 

45min - Japan hot on attack again, but a knock on comes and Scotland have the ball. 

43min - TRY - Japan, the perfect way to turn defence into offence and Fukuoka makes the steal and gasses the Scottish defence to score. Kick is good. Japan 28 - 7 Scotland. 

41min - Penalty won for Scotland there, they will kick for touch. 

41min - Back underway for the final half of the Pool play. 

Half time! Japan are just 40 minutes away from quarter-finals!

40min - TRY - Japan, another gorgeous try from the hosts, a grubber in behind the defence is perfect for winger Kenki Fukuoka who scores! Lovely stuff. Kick is good. Japan 21 - 7 Scotland. 

39min - Penalty called att scrum time, Japan kick for goal. It's wide. Japan 14 - 7 Scotland. 

37min - Another knock on from Scotland, tough call that. 

34min - Knock on called against Scotland, Japan will have a scrum feed, expect a nice backline move here. 

32min - Pin point from Japan, they put a kick in behind, just lovely flowing footy from both sides here. 

30min - Knock on, really good attack from Japan! But they knock the ball on, they look really good with ball in hand.

26min - TRY - Japan, flawless footy from Japan, wow that was pretty, lots of offloads and slick handling! Great work! Keita Inagaki scores. Kick is good. Japan 14 - 7 Scotland. 

25min - Matsushima carves up through the defence, Japan look really slick here.

23min - Big scrum from Japan! They win a penalty from it, great work. 

22min - Scotland have a scrum here, just 25 metres out.

18min - TRY - Japan, they shift the ball left and both wingers combine to send the danger man through. Kotaro Matsushima scores. Lovely. Kick is good. Japan 7 - 7 Scotland. 

15min - Great work at the breakdown from Japan this time, they win a penalty. They go for the points. It's wide. 

12min - Scotland force a mistake from Japan, it's a knock on.

11min - Turnover from Scotland, well done, they clear.

10min - Japan are hot on attack here!

7min - TRY - Scotland, great work on attack and they score, it's Finn Russell - kind of silences the crowd. Kick is good. Japan 0 - 7 Scotland. 

4min - Another penalty from Japan, they're attacking well but have got to do the work at the breakdown, Scotand kick for touch. 

2min - A chip kick from Scotland is charged down and Japan clear to the Scottish 22. 

1min - Big work at the breakdown from Scotland, they win a penalty and will kick for touch. 

1min - Game on! Let's go. 

11:45pm - Just moments away now, 80 minutes untill we find out who the All Blacks take on in the quarters, strap in, get a beer! Lets go. 


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's coverage of the Rugby World Cup match between Scotland and Japan. 

TAB Odds: Japan $2.20 Scotland $1.62

Pre-match chat: Scotland rugby boss Mark Dodson takes swipe at All Blacks

Scotland Rugby Union (SRU) boss Mark Dodson has joined Italy captain Sergio Parisse in taking a swipe at the All Blacks, as their must-win World Cup match against Japan remains in doubt. 

Parisse lashed out at World Rugby after its decision to cancel Saturday's match against the All Blacks due to Typhoon Hagibis, which ended Italy's slim chances of reaching the quarter-finals.

"If New Zealand needed four or five points against us, it would not have been cancelled," he said on Friday. 

Scotland are in the same boat as Italy. If their match against Japan in Yokohama is cancelled, they'll be denied a place in the quarter-finals. Dodson wants the game pushed back 24 hours, but that goes against the tournament rules - which the SRU agreed on prior to the tournament.  

Dodson echoed Parisse, saying if it was New Zealand facing elimination, World Rugby would be lenient. 

The All Blacks were reportedly offered the chance to play Italy on Monday but refused, but World Rugby denied this. 

"If you are an economic powerhouse of the game, I think you come with more clout," Dodson stated.

"I think most people feel that if it was one of the economic powerhouses of the game like, as you say, New Zealand, perhaps more thought would have been given to a flexible approach."

Dodson says he's received legal advice which that tournament organisers do have the right under 'force majeure' measures to reschedule games, despite World Cup rules clearly stating pool matches may only go ahead on their original date.

The 1400km-wide Hagibis - which has been billed as Japan's biggest storm for more than 50 years - is due to strike the Tokyo-Yokohama region on Saturday.

"As it stands World Rugby are still maintaining the position that if the game can't take place on Sunday, there will be a cancellation," Dodson said.

"We engaged with World Rugby as soon as we knew this would be a possibility on Wednesday night.

"We took legal advice that challenged the view, and then we got a QC from a leading sports practice in London, Nick DeMarco, and he backed the fact there is flexibility in the schedule.

"The last thing we want to do is get tied up in legal matters. There is now a legal opinion that supports our view there is flexibility on the scheduling.

"We don't want to criticise World Rugby, they're running a first-class tournament, and I'm convinced they'll do everything they can to get this game played on Sunday, and the weather at the moment looks like it's slightly improving.

"But there's something that just doesn't feel right about not fulfilling the final game and Scotland, or anyone else in fact, exiting the competition."

"I really feel sorry for our Italian friends who are now finding themselves on the way home because they didn't have time to recalibrate and decide what they had to do next.

"What we're asking for is a common-sense approach that allows this game to be played in perfect safety 24 hours after the storm clears."