Rugby World Cup 2019: Wales v South Africa - Live updates

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South Africa 19 - 16 Wales

Full time: The big dance is set, South Africa and England will contest the 2019 Rugby World Cup final, fair play to Wales who showed up today, showed some big time fight. 

80min - A massive scrum from South Africa at the perfect time and that will be all she wrote for Wales and this semi-final.  

79min - A mistake from Wales at the lineout and South Africa will have a scrum, not looking good for the men in red here. 

78min - Picture perfect kick from Faf de Klerk, gives Wales a lineout 80 metres from their goal line. 

77min - Halfpenny loses the ball and South Africa start an attack. 

76min - Pollard steps up and slots the penalty to give South Africa the lead. South Africa 19 - 16 Wales. 

75min - Pollard goes for the drop kick under advantage - it misses and they win the penalty.

74min - Massive work at the breakdown from Louw - superb, South Africa win the penalty and Pollard clears down field. 

73min - Patchell sets up and attempts the drop kick, but it's wide and short. Pollard kicks the ball into touch. 

71min - Nearly in drop kick time here with just 9 min to go. 

70min - Wales draw the penalty and they will kick for touch. It's a cracker they are now 22m out, big chance for Wales here. 

69min - Big mistake from South Africa, a knock on comes, handing Wales another scrum. 

69min - A big old kicking battle here and Patchell does well to clear but Pollard leads the attack now. 

66min - Massive quarter of an hour left now, can Wales make thier first ever final? or will South Africa march on? 

65min - TRY - Wales, a well deserved try from Wales, they needed one, and they got one, from the scrum it's a simple shift to the left and Josh Adams goes over. Kick is good. South Africa 16 - 16 Wales. 

62min - Wales go 20 phases before South Africa give away a penalty. Wales will take the scrum. 

59min - More great work from the Welsh forwards at the breakdown, they need a spark, could that be it? Penalty won and a great kick to the corner.

57min - TRY - South Africa. Pollard starts the attack with a hard carry making a break, but it's the big midfielder who scores, unstoppable from Damian de Allende who scores. Kick is good. South Africa 16 - 9 Wales. 

55min - Now South Africa win a penalty and they look to kick for touch. 

53min - Wales have some life in them here, first time for a while we have seen some form of rise involved - Wales go for a wrap,inside ball but the pass is forward. South Africa scrum. 

52min - Massive work at the breakdown, Wyn Jones makes a big turnover and they will kick for touch.

50min - South Africa look to throw the pill around but it goes out, great defence from Wales.

49min - Mistake from Wales, it was Biggar.. so many kicks, so many mistakes. 

48min - Another mistake from South Africa as both sides play a game of kick-chicken... if ya know what I mean, Le Roux drops the ball, Wales lineout. 

47min - Another kick from South Africa who look a little guilty of over kicking.

45min - Wales win a penalty at the lineout, de Klerk goes in for a scrap with Davies and ends up facing off with Jake Ball, a very big human. Biggar kicks for the points and it's good. South Africa 9 - 9 Wales.

44min - Mistake from de Klerk, he knocks on the kick from Halfpenny.. big chance for Wales. 

43min - Another kick from Pollard as he looks to take this game over with the boot, Halfpenny takes the mark and clears.

42min - Cracker of a kick from Pollard, in behind Biggar to put South Africa deep in Wales' half. 

41min - Back underway for the second half.

Halftime. It's not the flashiest game, but both sides look to be locked in for this gritty kick-based semi-final. 

40min - Now George North is being subbed, Owen Watkin will repalce him. 

39min - For now, North is staying on, Wales take the points, South Africa 9 - 6 Wales.

39min - Biggar puts up another bomb, and they win a penalty, but the concern here is for North who pulls up with a hamstring injury while trying to chase the ball. Not good for Wales. Big loss if he's out. 

38min - Wales are hot on attack here, Biggar makes a nice play and they are 22 metres out. 

37min - Really good take from Pollard, South Africa are able to recycle and clear. 

36min - Injury for Wales here after a strong carry from South Africa, Tom Francis will come off for Dillon Lewis.

34min - Penalty won at the breakdown for South Africa, they will kick for the points. Kick is good. South Africa 9 - 3 Wales

32min - Wales stand up strong in their own 22, they make a turnover and do well to clear throuh Biggar.

31min - Biggar puts another huge kick up, Willie Le Roux is tackled in the air and South Africa will kick for touch.

29min - A chip in behind the Welsh defence from Damian de Allende is collected by Wales and they clear throug Davies. 

28min - Parkes wins the ball after a great strip on de Klerk, Wales clear. 

27min - After a great kick from Pollard, Wales carry the ball out and the Springboks have a lineout. 

25min - A little game of force back going on here, double knock on is the call, South Africa scrum feed. 

22min - Knock on comes from South Africa and Wales have the scrum feed. 

19min - A big scrum from South Africa wins them a penalty, they will kick for goal. It's good. South Africa 6 - 3 Wales

18min - Ross Moriarty knocks the ball on off the kickoff, he goes up for the catch, drops it and lands very hard on his back. 

17min - Penalty won by Wales and they will kick for the points. Kick is good. South Africa 3 - 3 Wales

16min - Slick work in the backline from Wales and they find themselves 22m out. 

14min - Wales concede a penalty just outside their 22, South Africa will kick for the points. It's good. South Africa 3 - 0 Wales. 

11min - Big collision at the back from Wales, Halfpenny and Davies get tangled up and de Klerk nearly comes away with the ball, South Africa scrum. 

9min - Wales make another break down the left hand side and they look good but a Davies pass goes forward, big let off for South Africa. 

9min - Wales go to the short side off the scrum, great defence from South Africa, once again. 

7min - In the middle of the park, Biggar puts up a bomb, it's defused easily by Le Roux, but a mistake from South Africa gifts Wales the ball again. 

5min - Great work at the breakdown from Wyn Jones, penalty won from Wales and they kick for touch. 

4min - Great scrum from both sides, de Klerk gathers from the scrum and kicks in behind, big pressure on Wales - they are able to clear through Gareth Davies

1min - Lovely take from Halfpenny, but South Africa force an error, South Africa scrum feed. 

1min - Kickoff and we are underway!

9:59pm - South Africa is up now, one of the great anthems.

9:57pm - Anthem chat, Wales is up first, one of my favs. 


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Rugby World Cup semi-final between Wales and South Africa. 

TAB Odds: Wales $3.35    South Africa $1.29

Pre-game chat: Warren Gatland urges Wales critics to write them off before South Africa semi-final

Welsh coach Warren Gatland is bemused that many consider his side to be underdogs for this Sunday's Rugby World Cup semi-final against South Africa - but he hopes that continues.

Gatland is bewildered by the long odds placed on the Welsh, who have beaten the Springboks in their last four clashes, with the Boks' last win coming in the 2015 World Cup quarter-final.

But most pundits feel the South Africans will be too strong in Yokohama and have greater depth.

"The nice thing about being here is you are kind of in a bubble," said Gatland. "You do not see a lot of the stuff externally.

"If they continue to do that over the next couple of days, that would be brilliant. Please, please keep doing that, because it does get us up, when people write us off.

"I can't understand why people would write us off, when our record over South Africa has been pretty good in the last 4-5 years and that speaks for itself."

Kiwi Gatland expects Sunday's showdown to be a very tight game.

"We saw that first half with South Africa-Japan and that was a tight game.

"It will probably be a kicking-fest... they kicked 30 times against Japan, so we've just got to be able to handle their game.

"It won't be the prettiest game in the world. It will be a tight test match with probably teams playing [for] territory, depending what the weather is like.

"You'll see a lot of ball going in the air and we'll have to handle that, and they'll have to handle our game too."

Even though Wales have had the upper hand in recent games, the South Africans' overall record over Wales is lop-sided with 28 wins, a draw and six defeats.

The winners will face either  England in the World Cup final on November 2.