Rugby World Cup: Will 'super' Typhoon Hagibis affect the All Blacks game against Italy?

Japan is forecast to be lashed by a "super typhoon", which could cause havoc at the Rugby World Cup.

Typhoon Hagibis is developing off the south coast of Japan, and could bring heavy rain and high winds this weekend.

AccuWeather says concern about the typhoon increased on Monday.

"After departing the Northern Mariana Islands, Hagibis will begin to turn northward, putting the powerful storm on a possible collision course with Japan," senior meteorologist Eric Leister said.

"Despite some weakening, Hagibis will remain a powerful typhoon as it approaches Japan and will be capable of producing life-threatening impacts."

So with the All Blacks looking to finish top of Pool B in their final pool game against Italy in Toyota City on Saturday, could the game be impacted by the massive storm?

The good news is the storm shouldn't impact the city too much. However, some rain is expected for when the game kicks off at 1:45pm (local time).

Citing the local Meteorological Agency, The Japan Times says the most impacted areas are likely to be Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu on Saturday and Sunday.

The weather could cause havoc to Ireland's Rugby World Cup hopes, with a typhoon watch warning issued for their final pool game against Samoa in Fukuoka, Kyushu on Saturday night.

It could also affect the Wales v Uruguay fixture on Sunday - being played in Kumamoto, also in Kyushu.

But other matches aren't out of the woods just yet. AccuWeather says the typhoon could shift track, meaning forecasters would have to adjust their predictions in the coming days.

World Rugby says it is monitoring the situation with local authorities and the potential to shift matches to others locations isn't out of the question.

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