RWC 2019: All Blacks centre Jack Goodhue's next plans for his mullet

Jack Goodhue says his famous mullet is here to stay for the time being but its long-term future has yet to be decided.

"Well firstly, I'll probably just give it a good shampoo; a wash after a long flight, and then I'll have to re-assess," Goodhue told The Project's interim rugby reporter, Patrick Gower, at Auckland Airport on Tuesday.

Goodhue refused to get rid of the mullet at the Rugby World Cup, claiming "there is scientific evidence that shows it makes me go faster".

The All Blacks arrived back in New Zealand on Tuesday, and Gower questioned Goodhue whether the mullet would stay or go.

"There's probably no real exact answer right now," Goodhue said, leaving reporters in suspense. "I wish I could tell you."

Jack Goodhue.
Jack Goodhue. Photo credit: Getty

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