Live updates: Rugby World Cup semi-final - England v Canada at Auckland's Eden Park

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England 26     Canada 19


England find touch for a lineout. They're just seconds away from reaching the final.

Davies throws, and again they win it and look for the maul.

The siren goes - and Harrison clears into touch!

England are into the final, and that's 30 straight test wins!

80 mins

Davies throws, and England look to use their maul. Infante goes off the back to Scarratt, and England are slowing it right down.

De Goede gives away a penalty though! 

79 mins

Canada lineout. This could be their last chance.

Boag throws, but it's not straight! 

England lineout.

78 mins

Another scrum, Pelletier feeds, and de Goede runs off the back to find Tessier. 

England are happy to defend their lead. Pelletier tries to split the line - but she's tackled.

Canada have gotten through 17 phases. Fuamba and de Goede run to try and get to the 22, as Pelletier runs again.

Kildunne snatches it though, and Harrison clears downfield as Alarie gathers.

The ball goes back to Tessier, who kicks downfield as Infante keeps it alive.

Canada have a penalty though, as Kildunne is called for incorrect joining.

74 mins

England knock on, Canada have a scrum with it all to do.

England give away a free kick though, and Canada want to take it again. 

Pelletier feeds and de Goede runs off the back. Canada look to pass, but Aitchson is offside for England.

Another scrum.


Just over 10 minutes to go. Canada have the momentum. Can England hold on?

England kick off, and Paquin scrambles to gather. Tessier clears, but Canada give away a penalty for not rolling away.

Surely England take the points here? Scarratt points to the posts.

And the kick just creeps over! England lead by a converted try!

ENG 26 CAN 19

69 mins - TRY CANADA

Canada lineout. Boag throws and they bring it down without hassle.

Beukeboom splits the line, and Canada go close through de Goede! They're less than 5m out.

The forwards get close, and Beukeboom picks and goes to score!  

De Goede converts, and it's a four point game!

ENG 23 CAN 19

66 mins

England scrum. Still one minute to play with 14.

Infante feeds, and Cleall runs off the back. Harrison kicks deep as Canada can restart through Farries.

Canada go wide to the right through Paquin and Alarie, but she's hammered again. 

Beukeboom goes, but she's tackled. Canada move it to the left through Corrigan, but England are there in numbers, and have they turned it over? They have.

Harrison kicks straight to Farries, who looks for a 50-22, but can't land it.

Harrison clears for a lineout, and England are back to 15.

63 mins

Canada have a lineout with a numerical advantage. Tuttosi throws, and they go for the drive.

England defend well, and Canada are forced to try and run it. 

De Goede has a run, but she's smashed in the tackle and knocks on!

England are coming up trumps here!

62 mins

England scrum. Infante feeds and they run off the back.

Scarratt takes the ball forward, but she's tackled. England are through 13 phases as they get to the 22. 

Scarratt runs again but loses it, and Canda can counter! Farries breaks, but has no support. 

Canada go right as Holly is driven backwards, but England are penalised for not rolling away.

Tessier finds the corner for a lineout.

58 mins

Alarie is staying down hurt for Canada. She was smashed in a tackle.

She's back on her feet though, and re-joins her teammates.

56 mins

England's lineout, Cokayne throws and it's another maul.

They've managed to keep it, before Beukeboom gives away a penalty.

55 mins

Tuttosi throws, but she's called for not straight! England get out of jail - for now.


Tuttosi throws, and Canada maul again and win advantage again.

De Goede drops it at the back, so play is stopped.

Will we see a yellow? This is England's second warning for collapsing mauls.

It is yellow! Cornborough is sent to the bin as Canada eye another lineout.

53 mins

Canada win a penalty, and have a lineout right in the corner. Tuttosi throws, de Goede wins it.

Canada have advantage, and the penalty is blown for collapsing the maul. 

Another lineout in the corner.

52 mins - TRY ENGLAND

Pelletier feeds, and finds Grant at first receiver. Canada are in front of the posts, just over 5m out.

Menin goes as does Tuttosi, but England defend in numbers. Holtkamp picks and goes, tackled. De Goede goes, tackled. Menin goes again and Canada are on the line!

Menin has another crack, but is driven backwards. They've still got the ball. Tuttosi goes, she's tackled. 

England have turned it over though and counter through MacDonald! She breaks, and gets the pass away to Dow! Dow races away, and holds off her opposite to touch down in the corner! 

England have scored from their own tryline! Wow, wow, wow.

Scarratt to convert from the right, but pushes it left.

ENG 23 CAN 12

47 mins

Canada run off the back, as Corrigan breaks the line to reach the 22. They go left as Alarie comes back infield. 

They look to use the backline, but the pass goes to ground. 

Hang on, England have knocked on trying to gather!

That'll be a Canada scrum.

45 mins

Rowland is up, and take from the field in a medicab.

Ellie Kildunne replaces her, and Canada have a scrum.

45 mins

Canada kick off through Tessier, and England kick it back.

Canada also kick it back as England try to run, but Kaljuvee steals it.

They creep into England's half, but play is stopped. England's Rowland is staying down in real trouble.


They do want the points, and Scarratt makes no mistake from right in front.

ENG 18 CAN 12

42 mins

England win the ball in Canada's half, as Scarratt puts Bern into a gap, and into the 22.

Aldcroft makes metres up the middle, and gets close to the 5m line. 

Canada are penalised though, Kaljuvee not releasing.

Do England want the points again?

41 mins

We're back for the second half.

England were expected to run away with this, but Canada have shown they're here to win.

Harrison gets us going again.


Pelletier feeds, but England scrum well. Canada are forced to kick as Grant can't find touch.

Huge overlap for England as they go right to Scarratt, who takes it close to the 5m line. 

Canada give away a penalty though for not rolling away.

England want the points, and Scarratt lines up the shot right in front to end the first half. 

Scarratt converts as the siren goes - and England take a slim lead into the break!

ENG 15 CAN 12

37 mins

England kick off, as Grant returns fire straight to Rowland, who goes on a run.

England spin it wide, but they've knocked it on for a Canada scrum.

37 mins - TRY CANADA

Tuttosi throws, and De Goede wins it, and they drive again. This time England defend.

Pelletier runs off the back as Canada attack the tryline. Tuttosi picks and goes, and Canada have advantage.

Pelletier throws a cutout pass to Corrigan - and Canada score on the left! 

De Goede lines up the kick to level the scores, and does!

ENG 12 CAN 12

34 mins

Tuttosi throws and Canada drive this time. They're surging, and get to England's 22!

England collapse again, Canada have advantage. They go to the backs, and look to spin it wide, but it's knocked on.

Tessier finds the corner for a lineout.

33 mins

Canada's lineout, and De Goede wins it. Canada look to drive and win advantage.

Play is stopped for the penalty as England collapse the maul. 

That'll be another lineout.

31 mins

Cokayne throws, and England win the lineout before Canada turn it over and go tho their right. 

They kick straight to Dow, who calls for the mark and finds touch.

30 mins

Canada win their lineout, and look to run the ball inside England's half. 

They go to the left, but play is stopped for a neck roll. Holtkamp the culprit.

Harrison clears for a lineout.

28 mins

Pelletier feeds, and Grant clears off the back. 

Harrison looks to clear, but it's charged. Scarratt ends up with the ball and clears properly.

Canada kick it back and Harrison finds touch this time.

27 mins

Canada clear from the restart, but straight to Harrison. 

England move back into the 22, but Hunt and Holtkamp turn the ball over for a Canada scrum.

26 mins

Cokayne throws, and England look to run this time. Heard goes for the line, but she's held up.

25 mins

Cokayne throws, and England win it before going wide. 

Heard tries to break through, before England go left, and then right. Dow does well to collect a ball that goes to ground, and England are creeping forward.

Aldcroft straightens, as Canada give away a penalty for not rolling away.

England kick for the lineout in the corner.

23 mins

England scrum, Infante feeds, gets it back and kicks it into touch inside Canada's 22 for a 50-22!

They'll get the lineout.

22 mins

England kick off this time, but Harrison boots it straight into touch.

Canada scrum. Pelletier feeds, but they knock on trying to go forward.

21 mins - TRY CANADA 

Pelletier feeds, and then runs off the back and completely splits England's line!

She stabs a kick through, and Paquin beats England's chasers and score!

De Goede lines up her conversion, but misses.

ENG 12 CAN 5

18 mins

Tuttosi throws, but England steal it.

They go wide, but the pass out to MacDonald's wing is forward.

Canada scrum.

17 mins

Grant kicks off, again, and England keep hold of it before Harrison finds touch for a lineout.

16 mins - TRY ENGLAND

Canada can't win their lineout, so England have the ball in an attacking position again.

Harrison chips over the top, but Kaljuvee gets there first.

Canada clear straight to Rowland, who attacks the right, and gets the final pass away to Dow - who finishes brilliantly in the corner! Try England!

Scarratt lines up her second kick of the day, but hits the post.

ENG 12 CAN 0

13 mins

Canada kick off again, and England send it straight back. 

Again, they trade kicks before England bring it under control. Ward tries to step through, before Infante kicks over the top. 

Canada kick it straight back, but Scarratt can't get it under control as Canada's defence forces them back to halfway.

Canada win it back, but their clearing kick is charged. Scarratt puts up a speculator, and Kaljuvee takes it calmly.

England go wide, but MacDonald can't keep it in touch.

10 mins - TRY ENGLAND

England opt for the lineout in the corner, looking for their driving maul. Cokayne throws, and England drive - and they've scored!

Marlie Packer the try scorer. Scarratt to convert from the right, and does!

(ENG 7 CAN 0)

8 mins

England in a great position. Infante feeds. England push and have advantage.

Rowland runs off the back, before Scarratt is tackled into touch, so we go back for advantage.

6 mins

Pelletier feeds, and Canada go to the backs, out to the left wing through Farries.

They're forced back infield as Tressier runs, before Demerchant has a go up the middle.

Corrigan carries inside England's 22, but the ball's turned over. Scarratt kicks it back and Canada go again.

Pelletier knocks on, and England kick it straight back again. More traded kicks, before Grant is caught out by the bounce.

England look to win the ball inside Canada's 22, but Grant clears. England look to run for the first time and go wide through Scarratt and Heard. Harrison breaks the line as England get closer, but it's knocked on, twice.

First by Canada attempting to intercept, so England scrum.

2 mins

Canada win their own kick-off, and start to surge towards England's tryline. Tessier kicks over the top, but England sent it right back.

Kicks are traded, but Scarratt knocks on for the first scrum of the day.


We're away as Canada kick off through Maddy Grant.


The national anthems are done and dusted. Kick off just minutes away!


Both sides make their way out onto Eden Park. The crowd is building nicely, but still a lot of empty seats.

Fingers crossed they're filled by the time tonight's main event kicks off!


Good afternoon! 

Thanks for joining us for the first of two semi-finals of this Rugby World Cup today.

Up first, are tournament favourites England against Canada.

We're about 25 minutes away from kick-off, so stay tuned!


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Rugby World Cup semi-final final between England and Canada at Auckland's Eden Park.

England entered this tournament as overwhelming favourites, riding a 25-game winning streak that dated back to a 2019 loss to New Zealand at San Diego. One of those victories came against Canada, 51-12 last November.

They have largely cruised through pool play, inflicting big margins on Fiji and South Africa, but also edging archrivals France 13-7.

The English remain the team to beat, while third-ranked Canada have also reached the final four without blemish, overcoming rivals USA in successive weeks to book their semi spot.  

Join us at 4:30pm for kickoff.

TAB Odds: England $1.01, Canada $11

Canada: 1-Olivia Demerchant, 2-Emily Tuttosi, 3-Daleaka Menin, 4-Courtney Holtkamp, 5-Mckinley Hunt, 6-Fabiola Forteza, 7-Karen Paquin, 8-Sophie De Goede, 9-Justine Pelletier, 10-Alex Tessier, 11-Paige Farries, 12-Sara Kaljuvee, 13-Alysha Corrigan, 14-Maddy Grant, 15-Elissa Alarie

Reserves: 16-Gillian Boag, 17-Brittany Kassil, 18-Alexandria Ellis, 19-Ngalula Fuamba, 20-Tyson Beukeboom, 21-Gabrielle Senft, 22-Sara Svoboda, 23-Anais Holly

England: 1-Hannah Botterman, 2-Amy Cokayne, 3-Sarah Bern, 4- Zoe Aldcroft, 5-Abbie Ward, 6-Alex Matthews, 7-Marlie Packer, 8-Sarah Hunter, 9-Leanne Infante, 10-Zoe Harrison, 11-Claudia Macdonald, 12-Tatyana Heard, 13-Emily Scarratt, 14-Abby Dow, 15-Helena Rowland

Reserves: 16-Lark Davies, 17-Vickii Cornborough, 18-Maud Muir, 19-Rosie Galligan, 20-Poppy Cleall, 21-Lucy Packer, 22-Holly Aitchison, 23-Ellie Kildunne