Rugby World Cup: Tournament bosses on high alert, fanzones at risk after bomb threats in Paris

More security personnel will be on duty for this weekend's Rugby World Cup semi-finals at Paris, as France remains on edge, after a series of bomb threats.  

The country has raised its terror security to its highest level, after a teacher was killed last week, and questions are now being asked about the safety of large numbers of people gathering at fanzones to watch the finals.  

France is flashing red sirens and blue - its security alert level has been raised to the highest possible.

Increased French security around Rugby World Cup after terror threats.
Increased French security around Rugby World Cup after terror threats. Photo credit: Getty Images

"We will not give in to terror," vow Government ministers, as Kiwi rugby fans vow not to worry.  

Eight of the country's airports were evacuated Thursday morning, due to threats of an attack. The Palace of Versailles and the Louvre have been repeatedly targeted and evacuated this week.  

It's not just unsettling for tourists, but also for World Cup tournament director Michel Poussau.

"We really want France to keep welcoming the world, keep welcoming the fans, and make sure these last moments of togetherness and moments of celebration of rugby happen in France," he said.

With semi-finals looming, the teams remain heavily guarded, the country has deployed 7000 soldiers and World Rugby is calling up extra security personnel, but officials are dismissing questions over whether the central city fanzone should remain shut this weekend for safety reasons. 

"A million-and-a-half people have attended those rugby villages and there have been no incidents, so of course, we could always be at the mercy of something, but we remain very vigilant," said France president Jacques Rivoal.  

Regardless of the national terror threat, World Rugby has its own internal security processes set to the highest level, with a double-checking system in place, but that takes time and organisers warn of delays for fans at the entry gates. 

"Everything from the venue to everyone involved outside the venue is in place to ensure that these games are played in safe environments," said Poussau. 

That leaves the All Blacks to focus on the other threat posed by Argentina.  

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