Farming toys for Father's Day

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  • 25/08/2018

With Father's Day fast approaching on September 2, it’s time to sort out how to show your dad the appreciation he deserves and a practical tool may just be the ticket.

This week on Rural Exchange on RadioLIVE, Husqvarna regional sales manager Steve Middleton shares his ideas for practical gadgets for dads. Listen to the interview above and check out his top four:

  1. 122C Line Trimmer. It’s an essential on any property, so it’s a gift that “can’t go wrong” according to Mr Middleton.
  2. LC18 Push Mower. This one is a real winner for any landowner.
  3. AM/FM Earmuffs. These top-quality earmuffs are personal favourite of Mr Middleton’s. They can treat either mum or dad to some peace and quiet while roaming the property.
  4. TS138 Lawn Tractor. This is a great gift for those fathers who live on lifestyle properties. 

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