Auckland SPCA's plea for foster families to take on farm animals

Auckland SPCA's plea for foster families to take on farm animals
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Auckland SPCA is calling on people to foster farm animals because they don't have the room to house them. 

Overrun by animals, the Auckland centre is asking for foster families to take on farm animals including horse, goats and chickens.

From June to September this year, 20 farm animals have been fostered. There are more farm animals ready to go, but there are no homes for them to go to, a SPCA spokesperson told Newshub.

"Our foster parents are volunteers and provide a temporary home for animals to help them recover from surgery, give them medicine for an illness, or work with them to improve their behaviour," the spokesperson says.

"We are looking for foster parents who have enough secure land and shelter to house farm animals, and high enough fencing - especially for goats - to keep them safe."

Typically, foster parents will look after an animal from a few weeks up to a few months, or sometimes longer. 

The Auckland centre has very limited room, and farm animals need more space. 

"Farm animals need lots of room and land to be happy, healthy and express natural behaviours, and there is simply not enough room at the Auckland centre to give them this - especially when we have a high number of animals in our care."

Fostering is free, and SPCA supplies food, vet treatment and support for the foster family.