Brisk weather brings broccoli prices down

  • 13/09/2018

Cooler temperatures have resulted in a big drop in the price of broccoli, according to newly released figures.

Stats NZ said the price of broccoli fell 27 percent in August 2018, and 32 percent for the year.

These price decreases contributed strongly to the overall fall of monthly and annual food prices.

"Broccoli is grown all year round, but is typically cheapest in December, at about $1.50 a head," prices manager Geraldine Duoba said. 

"The cool weather this winter provided ideal growing conditions for broccoli."

The average price of a 350g head of broccoli was $2.09 in August 2018, down 77 cents from July.  It is also about one-third cheaper than a year ago, when prices reached $3.09 per head in August 2017.

Brisk weather brings broccoli prices down
Photo credit: Stats NZ

Overall, food prices fell 0.5 percent in August, down 0.8 percent after seasonal adjustment. 

Fruit and vegetable prices fell 2.1 percent in the month, influenced by lower prices for lettuce, broccoli, and cucumber. 

Grocery food prices, however, rose 0.5 percent, influenced by higher prices for snack foods, butter, and eggs.

Food prices decreased 0.1 percent in the year to August 2018. 

Fruit and vegetable prices fell 6.5 percent, reflecting lower broccoli, potato, and cucumber prices. 

"Fruit and vegetable prices rose strongly last year due to wet weather, peaking in August 2017," Mrs Duoba said.

"This month prices are closer to those experienced two years ago, in August 2016."