Cows electrocuted on Dargaville farm

  • 14/09/2018


Farm safety is under the spotlight after a group of cows were electrocuted on a farm in Dargaville.

The 11 cows were killed when a fallen power service line sagged onto a nearby live 400-volt line causing the downed line to become armed.

Federated Farmers says the incident should drive home the message of safety first for any property manager or land owner.

"It is my understanding it was the farmer's responsibility to remove the downed line," said Northland Provincial President John Blackwell.

"It highlights the need to stay on top of maintenance and on-farm safety," he said.

Mr Blackwell said it was incredible luck no one else was hurt and there was no loss to human life.

"My condolences to the farmer concerned. It must have been awful to see the animals like that."