Estimated 100,000 new lambs die in storm

A storm which battered the east coast of the North Island earlier this month has seen the loss of an estimated 100,000 spring lambs.

The region had significant rainfall and gale winds over a week from the start of September.

Senior Analyst with AgriHQ, Mel Croad, says the storm was very poor timing for farmers.

"It was a tough environment for newborn lambs, with prolonged cold and wet weather," she said.

She estimates the lamb losses could be more than 100,000 with many farms over Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay reporting losses of between 100 to 1000.

Ms Croad says it is a big blow for farmers.

"No one wants to see stock suffer - and the losses will affect income and morale." 

She says some farmers she has spoken to say it is the worst they've seen in more than 20 years.

Mel Croad says more exact figures will be known once farmers docking tallies start coming in.