Spring lambs holding up well in severe storm

South Island farmers are counting their blessings after a cold snap in the middle of lambing season. 

Most have managed to retain vulnerable stock - despite snow, freezing temperatures and heavy rain. 

Southland Federated Farmers Vice President Bernadette Hunt said breaks in the weather saved lives. 

"It's not much fun being a newborn lamb outside today, cold and miserable, but we've been fortunate that we've had breaks in the weather when this cold front has come through," she told Radio Live.

"The breaks let farmers get out and take care of the stock and also lets the sheep have a feed and take care of their lamb," she said

On the whole, she said most of the stock is coping well and she is not expecting large scale losses as seen during previous weather events.

Ms Hunt said farmers know what to do in this weather, and handle conditions like this every year

"Because we have been really fortunate with mild weather this season, a lot of farmers have been able to protect their sheltered paddocks, and retain pasture in those paddocks for such an event."

"The season has set us up pretty well to handle this, we've been very fortunate."