Data technology helping farmers with bottom line

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  • 29/10/2018

Lessons learnt from the trucking sector are set to help farmers, with increasing use of data management systems.

General Manager of Carter's Tyres, Matt Carter, joined RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange team and said up-to-date data is key.

"We know exactly what does a good job in the truck world from the data we have accumulated over the years, which means we are able to deliver what works," he said. 

He said the company wants to be able to do that in the agricultural world.

"Because it is early in our ag journey we don't have the volume of data," said Mr Carter.

"We need large agricultural contractors where there are vehicles are in high use so we can gather the data quicker, and that's something we are working on," he said.

He advises farmers to choose the 'best bang for buck' and to make sure they have the best tyres for the job.

"Sometimes there is a reason to run cheaper tyres, like in irrigation where the damage is regular," he said.

However with technology and advancements in research and development, he said it is also worth paying the higher price with tyres which will go double the milage than slightly cheaper ones.

Listen to the full interview with Matt Carter sponsored by Carter's Tyres above.

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