Long-haired Suzy the sheep gets worldwide fame ahead of first shear

A Te Kuiti crossbred ewe with extremely long wool is attracting interest from around the world.

The feral ewe, now named Suzy, was captured south of the town - and her owners are hoping she'll make a new world record when she's shorn for the first time ever this weekend.

She was caught several months ago by owners Karla Clark and Amie Ritchie on a bluff in the Mapiu district.

This weekend, a huge weight will be taken off Suzy when she gets her first major haircut - her first ever.

You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd heard this story before. In 2004, Shrek the merino sheep shot to fame when he was found in a cave at Bendigo Station in Otago.

His overgrown fleece set a world record, weighing in at 27kg.

However the title is currently held by Chris the sheep from Canberra, whose wool tipped the scales at 41.1kg.

Although Suzy has a hefty fleece, it's unlikely it will break the record for weight. Even though there's a lot of it, the merino breed's fleece usually weighs in heaviest and Suzy here is a crossbreed.

Suzy with co-owner Amy Ritchie on capture.
Suzy with co-owner Amy Ritchie on capture. Photo credit: Supplied.

Instead, her owners want to start their own world record - the longest staple of wool ever shorn from a sheep.

Suzy will get the big trim at New Zealand's national museum of sheep and shearing in Masterton this Sunday.

Only then will the length of her now world-famous wool be revealed.