M. bovis recovery package - what does it include?

  • 09/10/2018

A range of measures have been announced by the Government to help farmers affected by Mycoplasma Bovis. Here's what farmers need to know:

Who is driving the initiative?

The recovery package is being rolled out by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and response partners Dairy NZ and Beef and LambNZ. The package is designed to help get farmers get back to business.

What does it include?

DairyNZ and Beef+LambNZ Compensation Assistance Team:

o   DairyNZ and Beef + LambNZ have put together a team of rural professionals who understand both farming and the compensation process who can sit down and work with farmers on their claims. The $400,000 cost is funded through the response.

Improved compensation form and guide:

o   Set to be released this week, the simplified form will be easier to follow and the supporting guide will make clear what documents need to be submitted to ensure prompt payment of compensation claims.

 Online milk production losses calculation tool:

o   An online tool for farmers to easily estimate their milk production losses, to speed up compensation claims, will shortly be released.

 Rural Support Trust boost:

o   MPI has now completed training 80 Rural Support Trust members to provide welfare support.

Regional Recovery Managers, in addition to the Acute Recovery Team:

o   The Regional Centres in Invercargill, Oamaru, Ashburton and Hamilton will each have a regional recovery manager. They are being nominated and seconded by DairyNZ and Beef+LambNZ and will help farmers develop a tailor-made recovery plan.

What's the latest update on Mycoplasma bovis?

M. bovis recovery package - what does it include?
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