Mother smashed tractor window with gumboot in desperate fight for survival

Heartbreaking new details into the north Otago tractor accident that claimed the life of a pregnant farmer and her three-year-old son have been revealed by her husband.

Nadine Tomlinson, 33, was driving the tractor and trailer unit on a farm near Dunback when it lost control, slipping into the reservoir on Sunday afternoon. Her son, three-year-old Angus Tomlinson, also died in the accident.

It now appears she attempted to smash her way out of the submerged tractor with her gumboot in a last-ditch effort to save her children.

Her bereaved husband, Scott Tomlinson, told mourners at their funeral on Friday she came close to succeeding.

"You bloody near did it girl… it would be all or none in your mind," he said, Stuff reported.

"Your strength and dedication was on show all the time, but exemplified right to the very end, with your fighting spirit and absolute dedication to your kids."

And he had a heart-breaking message for others in the wake of the tragedy.

"Hug your kids every day, tell them you love them, tell your husband or wife the same thing... because you don't know when that's your last day with them," Stuff reported.