One simple change could boost profits, says wool buyer

  • 01/10/2018


Farmers are being urged to identify market opportunities and match their products to the demand.

Instead of the classic woollen carpet, Roger Green produces luxurious woollen bed throws for overseas export.

His Auckland-based company Maxwell Rodgers Fabrics sources mid-micron wool from across the country and sells to hotels and cruise ships all around the world.

He argues wool producers can boost their profits despite the struggling industry, with one simple change.

"You ask farmers what their micron is and half of them don't know. There's really no demand these days for a carpet wool, but that's the only end-use for that [35 micron]," he said.

"For me the mid-micron is really where there's an opportunity  and that's what we use."

According to Mr Green, the sector and its farmers must identify market opportunities and match their product to those demands.

"I think a lot of growers in New Zealand are not growing the right sort of wool."

Watch the full interview with Roger Green above.

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