Otis Frizzell artwork to celebrate rural New Zealand

Well known New Zealand artist Otis Frizzell is set to leave his mark on gumboot capital of the country, Taihape.

Frizzell, who is the son of beloved Kiwi artist Dick, has been announced as the next artist for the HeART of the Community project.

The initiative has already seen rural supply company Farmlands commission seven murals painted on the outside of each chosen town's Farmlands store.

Each depicts rural New Zealand and captures the community's local spirit, history and environment. 

Frizzell said he feels honoured to bring his art to life in rural New Zealand.

"I'm stoked to work with Farmlands Taihape on this," he said.

"Taihape's already a national icon - it's the gumboot throwing capital of New Zealand, and probably the world."

He is impressed with the pride locals take in their town.

"There's a real story here, and I really want to do something that the locals will relate to," he said. 

"I'm planning on injecting some real humour into my design too, and I'm hoping people will come from the neighbouring areas to check it out."

The public celebration and gifting ceremony will be held at Farmlands Taihape, at 10:30am on Saturday, November 3.