SPCA taking legal action against German shepherd breeder

SPCA taking legal action against German shepherd breeder
Photo credit: File

The SPCA is preparing legal action against a prolific German shepherd breeder who they rescued 40 dogs from. 

An SPCA spokesperson confirmed to Newshub the organisation rescued a mix of puppies, dogs and pregnant bitches from the farm. 

Due to privacy reasons the location of the property was not confirmed. 

When the dogs were found, they were slipping over in their own faeces, tangled in urine-sodden newspaper and living amongst old food scraps.

Each dog needed multiple veterinary appointments and vaccinations. Some of the bills cost thousands of dollars. 

The SPCA estimates the case - one of the largest animal welfare cases they have ever investigated - has cost them $200,000. 

Housing each of these dogs is costing up to $30 a day. Each month they are kept, they collectively eat 246kg of dog food.

More information will become available once legal action is filed, the spokesperson says.