The town that snubbed daylight saving

While most New Zealanders are accustomed to daylight saving, it hasn't always been the case in rural communities.

Daylight saving - when clocks went forward by one hour - started on Sunday.

When it was first introduced, many dairy farmers objected to getting up in the dark to milk the cows. 

Some parents complained it was difficult to get young children to sleep while it was still light. 

In Northland, the dairy farming community of Ararua decided to take a stand when the rest of New Zealand switched to daylight saving in October of 1984.

The town ignored the new time, and locals put up a sign announcing 'Ararua time'.

The sign told visitors they needed to adjust their clocks back by an hour.

A 2008 survey said most dairy farmers were happy with daylight saving.

The majority - 82 percent -  approved, with 45 percent strongly approving. Fifteen percent disapproved.

Daylight saving time will continue until the first Sunday of April 2019, when clocks will go back by one hour.