'Too much of a talkfest': Richard Loe blasts state of wool sector

Rural Exchange host Richard Loe has spoken out about the state of our wool sector, saying he doesn't know why many cross-breed farmers continue.

He was reacting to a new Wool Working Group, which has been formed to try and create a more sustainable model and earn more profits.

Made up of 20 wool industry experts, the working group met for the first time in Christchurch, following the Wool Industry Summit in July.

During an interview with Miles Anderson, chair of Federated Farmers' meat and wool section on RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange, he said things were looking gloomy for wool farmers.

"I had a young chap say to me he just peeled fleece off 2000 trading lambs, and he doesn't know, once he puts it onto the truck, if he will cover his shearing costs," he said.

"That's just ridiculous. This has been like this for cross-breed farmers for too long."

Mr Loe made it clear he is cynical about the new wool initiative.

"This sort of talk has continued ever since I can remember.Too much of a talkfest, too many people, too many organisations thinking they are going to bring them out of the doldrums and they never do," he said.

"Poor old cross-breed farmers, I don't know why they continue," said Mr Loe.

However Mr Anderson was adament the future is positive.

"I really believe there is a sea change happening - not only with the consumer, but also with a different approach from industry players," he said.

He said people in past have put self interest before the industry, but in this case people are leaving that at the door.

"There have been talkfests in the past, but I believe this is different," he said.

Watch the full interview with Miles Anderson above.

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