Labour MP Kiri Allan disputes 'rural experience' stats

A Labour MP has taken issue with the results of a study which claimed very few MPs have experience in the rural sector.

The study, conducted by Blackland PR, claimed only 11 of Parliament's 121 MPs had experience in the agricultural sector.

It said nine were from National, one from Labour, and one from New Zealand First - while no Green Party MPs had worked in the sector.

However list MP for the East Coast, Kiri Allan, said the study doesn't reflect reality.

"I know a number of my colleagues have had extensive experience in the rural sector," she said.

"We have a strong rural caucus and each of us have diverse backgrounds."

She said she was surprised at the study, and challenged the findings.

"There comes a time when you have to call it out, you have to base research on fact," she added.

Ms Allan said she is committed to the rural sector.

"The primary industries are a core part of my regions economic development, and I have a strong history for advocating - in particular for horticulture," she said.

"The backbone of my community is based on forrestry, agriculture, horticulture and apiculture - all of which I have first-hand experience in," said Ms Allan.

She also said Government has a very strong commitment to regional New Zealand, with the effects of the provincial growth fund being felt measurable on the ground.