On paddock technology helping boost farmer returns

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  • 26/11/2018

Farmers are taking advantage of cutting edge technology that aims to save time and boost farm returns.

FeedScan is a new service that provides instant on farm feed analysis.

Agrifeeds is behind the new product, which it says can show what nutrients are present, and what are lacking.

"Grass is constantly changing in quality and quantity, and that can be challenging," Agrifeeds Stu Bruce told RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange.

He said the big advantage with FeedScan is it shows what is happening to the grass in real time.

"That has made such a difference to how we can monitor and understand what cows are eating, how much they are eating and what the quality of that grass is," he said.

He believes it will boost on farm returns.

"It allows us to read dry matter, measure energy, sugars, protein and fibre in the grass, " said Mr Bruce.

"Once we understand the tose things we can build the feed to get better returns," he said.

The technology has been used in Europe sucessfully and has been tested in New Zealand for the past three years.

Stu Bruce said the tool will help farmers make better decisions.

"If we can balance the nutition, we can get better returns for farmers," he said.

Watch Stu Bruce's interview with RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange above.

This segment on Rural Exchange was sponsored by Agrifeeds.