Two more farms confirmed with M bovis

Two more dry-stock farms have been confirmed as infected with Mycoplasma bovis.

Tens of thousands of cows have been destroyed since M bovis was discovered in July 2017, and authorities are hoping to eradicate the disease.

Latest information from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) says one of the newly confirmed infected farms is in the Waikato region and the other is in the Manawatu.

It said the farms are both connected to previously identified infected properties through animal movements.

There are currently 36 infected properties with 42 previously infected properties that have had their status lifted.

MPI says this is a result of depopulating the infected stock and undergoing the 60-day stand-down period, during which cleaning and disinfection takes place.

Two more farms confirmed with M bovis
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Meanwhile farmers are being told that the risk of M bovis spreading at A&P shows, calf days, rodeos and other events where cattle are present is quite low.

Many cattle breeders stayed away from the recent New Zealand Agricultural Show in Christchurch because of concerns about M bovis.

MPI says the main risks are through close and prolonged contact between cattle, and calves drinking milk from infected cows.

It advises organisers and participants at shows to practice good biosecurity management both on and off farm, meet NAIT obligations and ensure stalls are cleaned out both before cattle are put in them and after they are removed.