Watch Kanoa Lloyd shear a sheep live on television

The 150th anniversary of one of the most Kiwi traditions, competitive sheep shearing is on Saturday.

The first ever sheep-shearing contest took place in Waipukurau back in 1868 with the title of fastest shearer claimed by Chief Te Hapuku's shepherd. 

Fast shearers were called 'guns', the best shearer in the gang was the 'don' and they all had a bad rep for drinking and cussing. 

These days, the tools are flasher, and even women are getting among it. 

Wool is still a mainstay here in New Zealand and might soon be in outer space, too.

Mr Clip joined The Project to help Ms Lloyd with her feet of shearing a sheep herself. 

The one thing you need to shear a sheep is intelligence, he says.

"The computers can't quite shear a sheep just yet."

And once the nerves subsided Ms Lloyd enjoyed the experience.

"It's actually been quite a fun thing to do," she says. 

And Mr Clip said she passed with flying colours, he even invited her to join his shearing gang. 

Watch the segment in the video above.