Better technology, on-farm practices helping cut emissions

Despite rising emissions, the Climate Change Minister says progress is being made and says on-farm efficiencies are contributing to the improvement.

James Shaw is set to attend the annual COP24 climate change summit in Poland, where world leaders will discuss commitments for the Paris Agreement.

He told RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange that while New Zealand emissions are still rising, it's respected globally for its ambitious goals.

Mr Shaw said there have been areas where New Zealand has seen progress.

"Our energy requirements have remained almost and that's a sign of increasing energy effectiveness and productivity," he said.

Mr Shaw said methane emissions per unit of production have been decreasing around one percent each year.

The Minister attributes this success due to better technology, on-farm practices, and overall increased efficiency.

However he said carbon dioxide is much more of a problem because of its significantly longer lifespan in the atmosphere.

Converting New Zealand's car to electric vehicles will be one of his top priorities over the next five years. 

Watch the full interview with James Shaw.

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