Opinion: Fonterra - I don't know why my dad still flies your flag

OPINION: For as long as I can remember, my dad has had the Fonterra flag hoisted high on a custom made flag pole at the cowshed.

It's fair to say, we're a proud ol' farming family. The sort of family where Field Days act as an annual family reunion.

A family where we're only allowed to buy Fonterra dairy products from the supermarket, and where the first pair of shoes a child is bought are Red Bands.

So ever since I became a journalist, everytime headlines like: 'Fonterra loss of $196m,' 'Accountability needed at Fonterra,' or  'Fonterra faces crisis of confidence,' are written my phone rings off the hook.

Family and family friends weigh in on the so-called 'unfair' media coverage, and even on occasion, firing off some slightly questionable tweets to my very understanding colleagues. 

So when the last rural survey came through, with news of the rapidly declining confidence of Kiwi dairy farmers, I wanted to give Fonterra, a fair right of reply in a story I was doing.

A chance to regain some of that confidence.

Almost two months ago, I asked to interview any one of the executives at Fonterra; to discuss the year that's been, and what's to come in 2019.

It could be at any time, and any date that suited them.

After countless conversations back and forth, today Fonterra informed me everyone was too busy and I would be better to talk to MPI or Dairy NZ.

The problem with that is neither MPI or Dairy NZ are New Zealand's biggest dairy company.

Once again Fonterra, has showed they don't care about their farmers.

Farmers, who literally keep their very big business, in business.

Farmers, like my dad, who pretty soon, will be running out of reasons to fly the Fonterra flag.

Lisette Reymer is a journalist for Newshub.