Call for compulsory broadcast of biosecurity videos on planes

The Government is being urged to look at making the broadcast of biosecurity videos on planes compulsory.

Federated Farmers said the recent story of an Australian visitor getting angry at having to pay a fine for bringing undeclared fruit into the country highlights how vulnerable the nation's eco system is.

The Australian was angry she was fined $400 for bringing in three forgotten nectarines.

Biosecurity spokesperson Karen Williams said the fruit presents a risk of hosting fruit fly which could have a massive impact on the horticulture industry.

"I applaud Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) border control staff for finding the nectarines and for the law to have taken a zero-tolerance approach to breaches," she said.

"If it didn't, New Zealand would be hammered by viruses and other pests, and the behaviour of visitors, either deliberate or accidental, won't change," said Ms Williams.

Karen Williams would like to see incoming passengers shown a biosecurity video.
Karen Williams would like to see incoming passengers shown a biosecurity video. Photo credit: Supplied

However, she said the incident could have been avoided.

"Imagine if 15 minutes before touching down she had been screened a compulsory-to-screen biosecurity safety video. That may have just been the memory trigger she needed."

Ms Williams said, for some reason, some airlines don't see New Zealand's environment or primary industries as worth protecting. 

"That doesn't sit comfortably with New Zealanders or MPI and its goal of all New Zealanders partnering to protect what's special here."

"It would be nice if they voluntarily did it, but I do implore politicians to start looking at regulating for a compulsory message to be played to our nation's guests. This will protect what is important about New Zealand."