Foodstuffs investigating 'foreign object' in blueberries

A batch of blueberries have been pulled from a Tauranga supermarket after a customer reportedly found a thumbtack inside it.

The find was made a Pak'nSave in Papamoa.

Foodstuffs said it was investigating, and the outcome will be reported to the authorities.

"We have been notified that a foreign object has been found in some fruit," it said in a statement. 

The batch had been pulled from store shelves and it said it was going through a stringent investigative process. 

"The outcome of the investigation will be made available to the authorities for their review and support."

In December, a Tauranga family found a needle inside a strawberry.

The matter was referred to both the supermarket the strawberry was bought at, and the police.

Police told Newshub it had referred the matter on to the Ministry of Primary Industries.

There was a nationwide food scare across Australia last year, when more than 100 needles were found in Australian strawberries.