Hay fodder convoy on the way to drought-stricken Aussie farmers

A convoy of almost 50 trucks is on its way to drought stricken Australian farmers delivering much needed hay.

The trucks are packed with 3000 bales of donated hay and fodder from Norseman in Western Australia, driving 2500 kilometres to New South Wales.

Farmers in the region have been devastated by drought, and the dry conditions are expected to continue this year.

The hay run has been organised by 'Farmers Across Borders' which is a not for profit group set up by farmers Anne Bell and Sam Starcevich.

Ms Starcevich told ABC News having experienced drought herself as a farmer she wanted to bring fellow primary producers hope and much-needed stock feed.

"Emotionally, drought is something you never get over, personally," she said.

"If this does something to ease a little bit of pain for someone, then we've done what we wanted to achieve," said Ms Starcevich.

Among farmers who have contributed is Ross Stone, who personally pressed thousands of bales of hay and straw for the donation.

He lost his farm to drought almost a decade ago and told the ABC he wanted farmers who were struggling to know that the nation was behind them.

"All of us together as a group decided that Australia Day was a good day just to show that Australians are out there to help other Australians," he said.

"This will just buy those farmers a bit more time, maybe get a smile on their face."

The donated hay and fodder will help up to 400 farmers in New South Wales