Orphaned bull a hit on Facebook

  • 14/01/2019

A 350 kilogram Brahman bull is gaining celebrity status for his friendly personality and and mischievous antics.

The bull, named Brucey, lives on a farm in the Western Australian town of Albany with his owner Tom Kennedy.

Mr Kennedy has had Brucey since he was a tiny calf, left orphaned after his mother died.

Now 18-months-old, Brucey has been raised as a pet and is very much part of the family.

In between trips to the beach for a run and joining horse treks in the bush, the friendly bull spends many a day relaxing in a paddock with two horses, a cat and dog for company.

Brucey loves galloping along the beach.
Brucey loves galloping along the beach. Photo credit: Facebook - Tom Kennedy

Along with an Instagram account, Brucey has his own Facebook page with more than 700 followers, where he is described as single, and a "former chief apple and grass eater".

Tom Kennedy also runs the local ten-pin bowling alley, and told the ABC customers are often greeted by Brucey and his companions lazing outside on the lawn.

However, it's Brucey's mischievous nature that is proving a hit with his followers.

"I got home to lock him up a few nights ago and couldn't find him," he told the ABC.

"I heard scuffling around, and found he had got in and was asleep with chooks."



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