Heartbreaking story behind photo of dogs 'waiting patiently' for owner

Heartbreaking story behind photo of dogs 'waiting patiently' for owner
Photo credit: Facebook/Graeme Bowden

The heartbreaking story behind a shepherd's photo of two dogs waiting for their master has touched many people online after it was revealed their owner passed away. 

Graeme Bowden posted the picture, taken in New South Wales, on a rural Facebook group saying "How faithful and loyal are these beautiful creatures?"

"Waiting patiently for their master to return, but sadly their master is not returning," he wrote. 

He wrote how the dogs original owner Bill Redden, had died aged 81 about seven weeks ago. 

"He just loved his dogs. They were everything to him," Mr Bowden told 7 News. 

Mr Bowden said on Facebook he had been shearing Bill's sheep for 20 years.

"He was a thorough gentleman. I've been out helping the manager shear the sheep and mustering for him because these dogs only worked for Bill."

Before his death, Bill was in palliative care and was worried about what would happen to his dogs after he died. 

Mr Bowden and a couple of friends decided they would look after the dogs, much to Bill's delight. 

"Ron said that a smile came on his face, so I spent about 20 minutes sitting and patting and talking to them with big tears in my eyes so I'm hoping that if God is great they will meet up again because his dogs meant the world to him."

The post has gone viral with hundreds of people liking and commenting on it. 

"This story while sad also brings joy in knowing these dogs will be cared for," one person wrote. 

"What a wonderful thing to do for your friend, and allow him to die in peace, knowing his beloved dogs would be safe," another wrote.