Queensland fruit fly scare 'very challenging' for Auckland businesses

There's huge relief for a fruit and vegetable shop caught in the middle of the Queensland fruit fly scare in Devonport.

The owners had been facing losses of tens of thousands of dollars after being told they were in Zone A, meaning tough restrictions on sales.

But a review on Monday has changed their fortunes.

Biosecurity concerns have meant a downturn in customers for Evergreen Fruit and Vege in Devonport after a Queensland fruit fly was discovered in the area.

Evergreen Fruit and Vege owner Kirandeep Kaur said the scare had a huge impact on her livelihood.

"It has affected my business a lot, it's a big drop in my sale... On Saturday it was half of my sales. Yesterday, more drop."

Movement of fruit and vegetables has been restricted in Devonport since the discovery of a single male Queensland fruit fly last week.

Evergreen Fruit and Vegetables had been classed in Zone A, meaning serious limitations on what they could sell, and who they could sell to.

Ms Kaur was first visited by a biosecurity official on Sunday, but was left unsure of what to do and feared it would have a devastating impact on her business.

"I was so worried because I didn't get much information and I wasn't aware about it."

On Monday, Ministry for Primary Industry (MPI) officials visited the shop with the offer of help and compensation.

MPI Director-General Ray Smith said they are aware that businesses are suffering.

"It's very challenging for the shop owner, and we've just been chatting to her and we're going to give her a lot of support, over the coming days.

"If the business is impacted then there is compensation available under the Biosecurity Act."

This afternoon the shop was reclassified as Zone B after a review.

Ms Kaur said it was a relief to know she was able to trade without risk or restriction once again, and she's looking forward to her regular customers returning.