'Show some respect': Finnish woman's NZ farming ad draws scores of 'gross' comments

A European traveller's advertisement for farming work in New Zealand has gained a lot of attention - but probably not the kind she was hoping for.

The 28-year-old Finnish farmhand sent a description of her skills and experience to the Facebook page NZ Farming, which helps connect those in the agricultural industry. She also included a photo of herself.

NZ Farming posted the ad on Saturday morning, and as of Sunday evening it had more than 1500 comments. Unfortunately, a lot of them weren't legitimate job offers.

The remarks ranged from seedy jokes to aggressive sexual propositions.

Several men joked that they'd "decided to buy a farm" just so they could employ the woman. Others replied to legitimate offers saying they'd work for free so they could "come and watch".

One said he had a "couch free" at his Gisborne farm, while another tagged his friend and commented that she'd be "a good wife for you".

"I would give her a job but only 30 acres, she would have a lot of down time," one said.

"I would teach her ITEC and AutoTrac to get closer contact," said another. "Otherwise I would do the service and fill everything up."

"You'll get ploughed more than the paddock," wrote one particularly witty commenter.

"She looks nice to date," one man said, before telling her to message him if she was "interested in meeting a genuine farmer from New Zealand".

Others commented their phone numbers along with winking or grinning emojis.

"Who takes a pic like that and doesn't expect shit," one commenter said. "She's hot, she works in a guy industry, I'd hire her."

The sexist comments were met with a backlash from women and others who were disgusted at the reaction to the ad.

"Most of these comments are so gross," one woman commented. "Actually confirms to me why I'm getting out of the farming industry. F****d up."

"This young woman with genuine working experience is seeking a responsible position," wrote another. "She has not portrayed herself as available for the patronising, ignorant imaginings being offered in these posts. Would you be commenting similarly if it was a male asking for a job?"

One woman took issue with the ad because she thought it was unfair to local farmers.

"Kiwi women are looking and trying to get their foot in the door with farming, but yet it is so damn hard for us. Yet some lady who is clearly stunning posts up with minimal farm experience in general and none in NZ driving machinery. Is offered and people tagged left right and centre.

"What is wrong with you people, help our own! Support our own women!"

The moderators of NZ Farming themselves eventually intervened.

"Come on guys," they wrote. "This was a genuine advertisement sent to our inbox by an international traveller coming to our country to visit New Zealand and wanting to find some agricultural work while here.

"Get your minds out of the gutter and show some respect. If you don't have a suitable employment offer keep your comments to yourselves."

In response to being called sexist, many of the male commenters said they were "just having a laugh".