Exciting times for NZ food producers wanting to break into UK market

An international expert in food and drink brands says a post-Brexit environment will mean exciting opportunities for New Zealand food producers.

Rob Ward is co-founder of UK-based 'Grocery Accelerator' and will be appearing at NZ AgriFood Week, which runs March 11-17 in Manawatu.

The company works with food brands to help them develop their businesses and get the into the UK market.

He told Magic Talk's Rural Exchange that there is now an opportunity for New Zealand producers to find out what the UK is about, and see how to get into one of the most exciting food and drink markets in the world.

Mr Ward will present the findings of extensive research on consumer feedback on 'brand New Zealand' when he appears at NZ AgriFood Week.

"The research involved 15,000 shoppers around the UK," he said

"What I can say is that there is a phenomenal understanding and belief around what New Zealand is." 

He said there were three obvious areas British comsumers are familiar with - wine, lamb and wool.

"Any products that are beyond those three have a great opportunity."

Meanwhile Rob Ward said a post-Brexit UK should mean new doors will open for New Zealand food producers.

"We've been hearing right across the board that many importers and exporters are excited about the sleeping British economy around food. It's been very relaxed and European-centric.

"The curtain has been raised for a new window to look through."

He is optimistic about the future for the food and drink sector.

"Things will sort themselves out, and politicians will let farmers, food producers and manufacturers create products that people want."

Rob Ward of the Grocery Accelerator is the week's international keynote speaker at NZ AgriFood Week  March 11-17th and will bring his expertise and a UK perspective on how New Zealand can capitalise on its global reputation.

Watch his full interview, sponsored by NZ AgriFood Week.

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