From cowshed to catwalk: The fashionista farmer

While high fashion isn't something you would usually associate with the life of a farmer, for a young Waikato dairy farmer it is the perfect combination.

Laura Campbell is a sharemilker with her fiance, 29-year-old Zach Mounsey, on a dairy farm at Otorohonga where the pair own 300 cows.

The 25-year-old loves the farming life, and couple are into their third dairy season.

"Dairy farming is very rewarding and something we are passionate about, trying to do things at the highest level - for the cows welfare, for the environment and for our business," she said.

However when she is not in the cowshed, Ms Campbell indulges her passion for fashion, and was one of the winners at last years Prix de Fashion final at Vodafone Derby Day at Ellerslie.

Despite the demands of dairy farming, she has been able to maintain her interest in fashion. 

"I met my fiance when I was studying accounting in Auckland five years ago, so after moving down to the farm, fashion is now a way for me to connect with that bit of glam," said Ms Campbell.

She said fiance Zach is very supportive of her fashion interest.

"When we were driving up to Derby Day last year, we milked cows together in the morning, then he drove and I did my hair and make-up on the way up in the car," she said.

The Ellerslie Derby Day is a highlight in her fashion diary, and admits many people would be surprised at her two passions.

"I think the people who see me around town in gumboots would be very surprised to know I can run in stilettos, and likewise the people at the races when I am all glammed up and I have got my lippy on would struggle to see me in a cowshed at five o'clock the next morning."

Dairy farmer Laura Campbell was a winner at the 2018 Vodafone Derby Day.
Dairy farmer Laura Campbell was a winner at the 2018 Vodafone Derby Day. Photo credit: Supplied

Her fashion interest also helps her cope with the pressures of farming life.

"Farming can be very intense at times, so it is important to have an interest and passion in something outside the farm gate."

While she is looking forward to dressing up for this year's Ellerslie Derby Day, Ms Campbell is taking a break from competing this year.

"I am going to support my friends and enjoy passing the baton over."

Meanwhile, the couple have a busy year ahead, with plans to move to a larger dairy farm and add another 130 cows to their business - and no doubt creating a new competition outfit will also be on the agenda.

"I will definitely be back competing next year."

Vodafone Derby Day is part of Auckland Cup Week and is held on Saturday, March 2.