'Get onto the real stuff': Richard Loe weighs in on fireworks debate

While debate rages over the private sale of fireworks, Rural Exchange co-host Richard Loe believes there are bigger issues to worry about. 

Auckland Council has voted to take its opposition to the sales of fireworks to the Government.

The move earned the ire of The AM Show host, Duncan Garner who called the council "a pile of busy bodies".

However, Loe, a radio host and Canterbury farmer, told the show that there are more important issues to talk about.

"You seem to worry about fireworks and scooters? Why worry about it? Get on to the real stuff," he said.

"There are more things to talk about than just fireworks and lime scooters."

He said he had just been to the Northland Field Days where farmers had been talking about the latest incident involving a quad bike in which a three-year-old was critically injured.

"That is a worry, people need to get smarter."

There was also talk among farmers about Fonterra's increased pay-out outlook. 

"It is good news, although for farmers from down south to the north, a lot of herds have gone to once-a-day milking because of the big dry, so production is down."

"Farmers have feed, but green grass makes good milk, supplementary doesn't".

Watch the full interview with Richard Loe.

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