Autumn looking positive for farmers - rural banking specialist

After a dry summer, a rural banking specialist says autumn is shaping up well for farmers.

Head of Livestock for Heartland Bank, Wayne McEntee joined Rural Exchange for a fortnightly 'Rural Market Update' and said things are positive, for the most part.

"Most of the country has greened up, and farmers will be looking to sell stock now," he said.

He said there was plenty of grass on hand

"Farmers have good feed to give their animals, so hopefully things will hold for a good autumn."

With weather on their side, he said farmers can also expect some good prices for stock.

Wayne McEntee said most farms are greening up after a dry summer.
Wayne McEntee said most farms are greening up after a dry summer. Photo credit: Newshub

"Lamb in the South Island is between $6.60 and $6.90, and in the North Island is between $7.10 and $7.30."

In the beef sector, bulls are selling well.

"So if you have finished bulls out there in the paddock, they are worth a thing or two."

"We are looking at about $5.40 for steers, and slightly higher for the heavier stuff, so there's been good strong markets over the past couple of weeks."

Meanwhile he said farmers wanting to take their stock for slaughter could find things difficult.

"With Anzac and Easter, getting space is going to be tricky, because of the short killing week."

"It's pretty hard to find someone who can kill them."

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