Autumn tips for on-farm weed control

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  • 02/04/2019
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The importance of record-keeping is being highlighted for growers, as they review the past season harvest.

Technical manager field services for agricultural supplies company, BASF NZ, Grant Hagerty told Rural Exchange that post-harvest is a perfect time for review.

"It's good to look at what happened over last season and see what weeds escaped the programme," he said.

"It gives a good indication of what weeds to expect, as you will see seed heads," said Hagerty.

He said it was important that good records are kept of data from the paddock, as it provides an excellent resource over time.

"More and more people are doing this, as it is critical to know what has been happening in the field."

He said the computer age has helped a lot.

"It means it is instant, farmers can stand in the field with a hand held device."

He said record keeping is vital across the whole rural sector, with quality assurance programmes now to the fore. 

"The apple industry, kiwifruit industry, grape industry, vegetable industry have been proactive."

However he said other industries, including arable, have not had the drive to force them into it.

"Now there is, with dairy feed lots requiring track and trace, record keeping is very common now."

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