'Grasping at cliches from videos on Netflix': Federated Farmers reacts to veganism study

Farmers shouldn't be too worried about a new report on the rise of veganism, according to one farming industry leader.

The study, carried out by industry research company IBISWorld, suggests the New Zealand meat and dairy industries could be under threat from the rise of veganism.

Rise of veganism threatens NZ dairy and meat industry, says report

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It also revealed sales of vegan food products have soared in the past five years in New Zealand, with major food manufacturers increasingly innovating to introduce new products to keep up with demand. 

As the cost of meat and international meat exports continue to rise, the surging demand for vegan products appear to represent a growing threat to New Zealand's meat and dairy industries. 

Rising health consciousness has also been cited as driving New Zealanders to go vegan, along with environmental concerns.

However Federated Farmers vice-president, Andrew Hoggard, told Rural Today's Dominic George that while there was clearly a rise of vegan products, he questioned the logic of the study,

"For example it says there was growing returns for meat overseas, which would see less demand in New Zealand, but the reality is that if we are getting big money overseas, then how is that a threat to us?" he said 

George said the meat and dairy market is already driven by demand from overseas, with the majority of meat and dairy exported.

He labelled the report as "grasping at cliches from videos seen on Netflix".

"The world's population is growing. We can't feed everyone off pastoral based farming, so we do need an alternative, so I think that meat and dairy will be premium.

"I'm personally not too worried."

Listen to the full interview with Andrew Hoggard.

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