'I think it will happen': Hamish McKay on Crusaders name change

Broadcaster Hamish McKay says he feels torn over a possible name change for the Crusaders rugby team but believes it will go ahead.

Discussions are underway on whether to change the name of the Super Rugby champions in the wake of the Christchurch massacre.

Critics have raised concern over the use of a name they say is offensive to the Muslim faith.

The Crusades was the name originally given to a series of conflicts between Christian soldiers (Crusaders) and Muslims in the Mediterranean region, beginning in the 11th century.

Rural Exchange show host, Hamish McKay who is also a former sports broadcaster, told the AM Show that he is torn on the issue.

"I change from one day to the next," he said.

"We have the historic meaning of the Crusaders, but for me it is about achievement and about going next level," said McKay.

He believes that the change will go ahead, but said the team will handle it.

"I think the thing has enough momentum that it will happen."

"The Crusaders have heart and soul, when you think of what they achieved in 2011, they can handle a name change."

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