New red meat campaign targets 'conscious foodies'

A major new sales campaign is underway to market New Zealand red meat to the growing number of consumers termed the 'conscious foodies'.

The 'Taste Pure Nature' campaign has been two years in development, and is a sector-wide initiative developed by red meat companies, farmers, the Government and New Zealand Beef and Lamb.

Beef and Lamb manager of market development, Nick Beeby, told Rural Today's Dominic George that extensive consumer research across six key markets found the segment of discerning consumers now dubbed 'conscious foodies'.

"These consumers want quality and experiences from their food. They are interested in the provenance of their food, where it comes from, how the animals they are eating were raised from an animal welfare and environmental perspective," he said.

"They see these as inputs into quality and nutritious food," Beeby said.

He said the conscious foodie is willing to look beyond price.

"Our research shows that these consumers will pay a premium for naturally raised, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free red meat."

"It also shows that while the conscious foodies are aware of New Zealand; they think of our beautiful scenery they've seen from films like Lord of the Rings and don't know anything about our farming practices."

The Taste Pure Nature cmpaign aims to connect conscious foodies and their values with New Zealand's naturally raised, grass-fed, free range beef and lamb.

Beeby said the campaign is heavily digitally focussed to allow it to be very targeted. 

Listen to the full interview with Nick Beeby on Rural Today.

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