Watch: Aussie farmer's unusual analogy to explain vegan activist movement

An Australian farmer has used a food analogy to present his stance on the anti-meat movement.

A mass wave of vegan protests across Australia has tensions running high between some in the farming community, and vegan activists.

Farmer and former Australian league player, Martin Bella fronts the 'Green Shirts' farmer movement, a lobby group for the rural sector.

In a video on Facebook, Bella used a carrot and a sausage to explain his stance on the anti-meat movement.

He described the vegan community as the carrot.

"These are people who make a dietary choice and don't try and impose that choice on the rest of the country," he said.

The former league star is now spokesperson for Australian farming group Green Shirts.
The former league star is now spokesperson for Australian farming group Green Shirts. Photo credit: Facebook

However he said it was a group of people called the 'luvies', which he said stood for ' lawless, unprincipled, vegan, irritating extremists', who were causing all the trouble.

In the video he explains that the Australian vegan community have nothing to do with the 'luvies'.

Bella then goes on to show a beef sausage, which he said most Australians eat from time to time  - with a burnt section at the end.

"This represents people who are starting to say things that are a little less than controlled," he said.

However he said they are doing it under pressure.

"They they have been standing in the heat for too long, and heat been caused by the 'luvies'.

Continuing with the food analogy, he went on to say that the 'carrot and sausage' are good together.

"The two of them go well and compliment each other, each has its place and it's no big deal."

However he said it was the section carrot representing the vegan activists, which was the problem.

The video has attracted thousands of positive comments on-line from meat eaters and vegans.

Watch the video of Martin Bella and his explanation of vegan activism.


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