West Coast farmers struggling with flood damage

Some West Coast farmers are struggling after the storm, which ripped through the region, damaged infrastructure and flooded paddocks.

The storm destroyed the Waiho River Bridge, south of the Franz Josef township, and caused widespread flooding across Westland.

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One farmer lost between 150 and 200 hectares of pastured land and there is silt damage to other parts of his farm.

The Franz Joseph Southside Preservation Group has been set up to support those affected by the flooding.

President Jen Williams told Rural Today's Dominic George that some farmers have been hit hard.

"Our priority is to help them in any way we can, and help them cope in the short term," she said.

With the Waiho River impassable, moving stock to grazing had been an issue, and there were fences down and water knocked out on many farms.

She said any donations to help farmers rebuild would be welcomed. 

"We are in need of fencing supplies and water troughs."

She said the group is working with the Westland Regional Council to help those affected, and developing a plan to move forward.

With the Waiho Bridge destroyed, the community was isolated, but coping.

"It is emotionally and mentally draining, but the community is amazing and sticking together."

"This is what makes you want to live here."