The simple reason avocado prices have soared to $12.50

Avocado lovers shocked by the $10 price tag in some supermarkets will have been stunned to see reports of the fruit selling for $12.50 at an Auckland fruit market. 

But what is the reason for the jaw-dropping prices - and more importantly for those missing their avocado on toast, when will the prices come down?

NZ Avocado chief executive Jen Scoular said there's a simple explanation behind the sky-rocketing prices.

"Avocado is a seasonal fruit, and the season is June to March, so this is a period when we are in short supply," she said.

She said amidst New Zealanders' growing love of the fruit, the high prices reflect the low numbers available.

It's been a difficult season for some growers, who have been forced to cope with weather issues and damage to crops from wind-burn and rot.

But Scoular said that hasn't impacted much on current prices.

"It has been a challenging season, but that hasn't necessarily meant that we are shorter at this time of the year than normal."

As for the question of when prices will come down?

"The new season starts in June, so not too long for new season fruit."