'A horrific loss': US farmer's wife shares heartbreak of losing husband to suicide

The wife of a US farmer who took his own life has spoken out in the hope her story will encourage others to get help.

Amber Dykshorn lost her husband, Chris, to suicide earlier this month.

The couple had been married for 15 years and had farmed in the Keloland area for five years.

She told local broadcaster, Keloland Television that the past year had been a tough one for the father of three.

"With the wet year and not being able to get the crops in and the financial burden of it, not having corn to feed the livestock, just a lot of components playing into that," she said.

Amber Dykshorn hopes sharing her story will help other farming families.
Amber Dykshorn hopes sharing her story will help other farming families. Photo credit: Amber Dykshorn

She described her husband as loving, compassionate, and supportive of their kids, but had started to notice he was down and depressed.

Dykshorn said her husband had spent time in a mental health support centre and had come home at the beginning of June.

"When he came home that Tuesday, he was very nervous about being home, and someone myself who struggles with depression and I've been hospitalized before, I felt it was a little bit more anxiety about coming home then what he should have," she told Keloland Television.

A few days later, the farmer left to take care of cattle, but was gone longer than usual.

His body was discovered later that day.

Dykshorn hoped her family's story would make a difference for someone else.

"My hope is that by sharing what our family went through is that I can prevent another farmers wife, another farming family to go through such a horrific loss."

"It's just so hard and we just need to rally together to support our farmers .It is a difficult occupation, there's just so many highs and lows." 

She said she hoped people could be more aware and be more supportive of farmers, especially during trying years.

Where to find help and support: